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The Cool Kids Know Fashion

The Cool Kids

“Aw you judging me dogg? /please you shop at the mall/
Me I shop at boutiques/ limited quantity sneaks/
Where do these quantities be/ maybe they all on my feet/
But I don’t get it tho/ about a year ago/ you said my gear is wack/
N**** now my gear is dope?/ I guess it goes full circle like a cheerio/
Cause you rocking what I was rocking like a year ago”

“And getting graphics in ya fade was fresh in the day/
But it was jacked by the losers/ I’m bout to say screw it/ and
Grow a jerry curl/ wear a diaper like cupid/ or something else stupid
And/ see if people do it/ and if they do then that proves it
People are just losers/ and they’ll do anything if someone cool do it/
But they won’t do it first/ so I guess they not cool”

A Little Bit Cooler – The Cool Kids

I’m not really heavy in street wear. But when it comes to fashion the Cool Kids know their stuff. I dig their look. I would say that it’s not necessarily their clothes that carry the look for themselves. It’s their attitude. It’s like they’re subtly saying, “This is what I wear and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” In “A Little Bit Cooler,” the verses sum up their approach to fashion. Their clothes complement their unique sense of style and their personalities. They realize that doing something first is a major plus in fashion. And to try to copy someone else’s style is a huge insult to yourself.

The Bake Sale came out 4 days ago!



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