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Lacoste Launches Futuristic Campaign


In honor of its 75th anniversary, Lacoste recognizes its past by imagining what it will be like 75 years from now in 2083. The Lacoste-Future website encourages us to reinvent the game (of tennis, we believe). Apparently, the game will have no grass or nets and tennis will be played in a virtual matrix where we hit energy balls with magnetic forcefield rackets. Tennis will also be played in solitude with no opponents but you get to look really awesome when you strike the ball. The fashion notes to pay attention to are the face visors that protects you from the sun’s rays and high-speed energy balls but doesn’t address fogging from hot breath; the futuristic looking shoes that display a sideways scrolling LCD Lacoste advertisement on the heel; and the white body armor with the Lacoste logo.


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