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Akama Studio – Creators of the Lacoste-Future Video

Akama Studio

Who is Akama Studio? They’re the wonderful folks who brought you the video of the future of tennis by Lacoste.

Akama studio is a team that has an insatiable thirst for stories, short ones, funny ones, and others more surprising full of sensations and emotions. We quench our relentless desire to feed ourselves with stories by giving them colours, soul and life. We are passionate about embellishing them and sharing them with the world with the deep conviction that people will never forget them. If you share our passion for story telling, Akama studio will certainly satisfy your thirst even though ours will never be satisfied.

[taken from Akama Studio website]

Here is an animated short they did for Kit Kat.

Imagine if Lacoste left it to themselves to recreate what 2083 would be like. Do you think it could satisfy your insatiable thirst for storytelling?


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