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LoL at Menudo


I wouldn’t call Menudo’s style bad. It’s just young and ill-informed.

None of the shoes go at all with the band’s outfits.

Dude on the right looks like Frankenstein in a popstar boy’s body. I’m not a huge fan of baggy jeans and a suit jacket with tie. It’s like they lost the rest of his suit in wardrobe.

That skinny tie is a couple months late.

Is that a pocketwatch hanging from dude’s jeans?!?! HAHAHA!!!

The two boys on the right have it kind of down, if it weren’t for the baggy jeans, or the keychain hanging from dude’s pants.

And last but not least, IS THAT AN O-NECK?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

And to think, I would’ve never stumbled upon this if it weren’t for them being featured as one of Meebo’s featured backgrounds.

What do ya’ll think of new Menudo’s look?

[Update: If you look closely at Frankenstein on the right, you can see he’s wearing a rosary under that jacket. Lovely.]

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