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Lacoste Accused of Vandalism?

Germany’s “The Local” has an interesting piece about an upscale Berlin store called, KaDeWe, being vandalized with green paint. Apparently, Brad Downey, a U.S. artist, claims he was paid by Lacoste for this act of vandalism as a sort of marketing campaign.

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Police were baffled, suggesting that the ‘colour attack’ had been politically motivated. Speculation about possible vandals ranged from pro-Tibet activists angry over the Chinese-themed window display to consumerism-hating leftist radicals.

But 27-year-old American artist Brad Downey says he was actually paid by luxury clothing label Lacoste to stage the action as part of an art installation to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary at KaDeWe.

“They asked me if I wanted to be a part of the project and I wrote a statement of intent that said ‘something outside will turn green,’ ” Downey told The Local on Thursday. “The green colour was to match the alligator logo. They were happy with this and paid the first half up front.”

[taken from The Local]

But here is an even more riveting play-by-play!

at 5am this morning myself and a group of others met the artist Brad Downey in the shopping district of West Berlin.
Downey had accepted a commission from the clothing label Lacoste to create a window display for them for the department store KaDeWe.
He had refused to tell his client what he had planned for the window, and they were growing increasingly nervous.
Downey’s idea was, if you’re going to employ a vandal, you’re going to get a vandal.
So, after the shutters went up on the store just before 6am, he took a fire extinguisher loaded with green paint (the corporate colour of Lacoste) and sprayed the front windows and sign of the store from one end to the other.
My job was simply to wait with a bag at the other end of the store with which to conceal the fire extinguisher while Downey headed off to the escape vehicle.
I then headed around the block, changing my shirt, and joined up with J….. who filmed the event, to advise him what the police were up to and be his look-out while he filmed them.
Downey plans to show the video of the action alongside the fire extinguisher as his window display (that is, if his client doesn’t kill him first!)

German news sites have reported the action, but seem to think it’s a political comment as the windows are currently showing the work of a Chinese designer!

[Taken from chimp 243’s fotolog]

Oh, Lacoste! Why couldn’t you stick to envisioning the future of tennis? (Not saying that you did it, tho)

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