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The Origin of the Rainbow Belt

High Snobiety posted pictures of these woven Anderson belts.

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[Taken from High Snobiety]

I’ll admit that I copped the belt after I saw Andre 3000 wear it.

Pictured here:

Rainbow Belt

But even in pictures, it was difficult to notice. I took the time to carefully examine an outfit that inspired me. I searched all the high-end places where I could get the belt. Then I went to the actual spot where Andre 3000 got his belt. And I listened to the shopclerk tell me all about how Andre 3000 came in and bought the belt, instilling a sense of history in my imminent purchase. He then mentioned that 3000 bought 2 of them because he likes having them around.

And then I wore the belt and did that sh*t some justice.

This is me wearing the belt in APRIL 2007.


[Photo by Iciwici]

APRIL 2007!!! And I’m sure I had the belt at least 6 months before that. Not only that, I have 2 of these bad boys.

I take pride in the pieces I own! Fashion is about expressing your unique character and I felt pretty damn unique with this belt! Now people are going to go out and buy the belt, which will probably be in the wrong size because kids have already copped the good sizes, and they’re going to have the belt wear them. Dudes just be copping sh*t because it’s the next big thing. There’s no context to anything. No attention to fit or subtlety or all the things that make great fashion great fashion.

If you’re going to go out and buy this belt, please wear the belt and don’t let the belt wear you. That means do not wear the belt with baggy ass jeans and the front of your T-shirt tucked in just so you can show it off and have people comment on it. These refined fashion pieces deserve more than that.

And next time you see someone wearing one, make sure you know who had that sh*t first. Or more like second.


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