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Do neckties need mouth-to-mouth?

ABC News wonders if the necktie is still cool

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Even as fewer men include ties in their professional wardrobes -– a 2007 Gallup poll found that 67 percent of men “never” wear ties to work -– more today seem to appreciate ties for personal style reasons.

Ties have morphed from “something you had to wear to a great way to express yourself,” said Claudio Del Vecchio, the CEO of Brooks Brothers, an upscale chain known for its men’s suits.

Marshal Cohen, the chief industry analyst for NPD, said the price drop signals increased interest from young people. Their demand for neckwear, he said, is helping push down tie prices.

Ties, he said, “have evolved to a younger generation that is paying a lot less money.”

Even some teenagers, he said, are flocking to ties to satisfy their sense of style.

[Taken from ABC News]

The kids are still wearing them, so I guess they still are.


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