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Lacoste Cologne gets new 75th Anniversary Packaging

Lacoste Essential gets a minor makeover in order to milk this 75th Anniversary dry.

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“The Lacoste team wanted to make a statement with this Limited Edition: for as long as we can remember Rene Lacoste was probably the first who thought to actually put a brand logo without a name on the outside of an article of clothing! This mark of distinction continues to demonstrate its uniqueness among the fashion world and I truly think this limited edition embodies the whole Lacoste history!” concludes Boudard

[Taken from Basenotes]

This is why I’m a huge fan of Lacoste. That alligator marks class and sophistication for the people who wear it. The alligator means something. It is symbolic. I think it is excellent marketing of a brand. For some people, it’s not really a big deal. It is easy to scoff at a logo and automatically think anyone who wears it is a “label whore.” I can testify that Lacoste occasionally releases uninspiring pieces. But the alligator has a whole story behind it. And people wear it to respect the history of the brand and its enduring staying power in the fashion world.

I mean… how proud would you be to wear this on your clothing?

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Not much I hope


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