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Status Update: Guess Who’s Bizzack

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Sorry for being gone, our loyal reader (singular)! I was on a boat cruise to Cabo San Lucas. It was fun, I admit, but nothing out of the ordinary. There was the obligatory booty shaking contest and the beer drinking contest where the losing contestant willfully flashes her ninnies for the crowd. All in all, I’m glad to be back even though I think I contracted motion sickness from some of the other guests. You, our loyal reader (singular), might have noticed some “under construction” things going on. Well then, lucky you!!! Because we haven’t officially launched, you get to see all the behind the scenes magic that The Steel Closet has up its sleeves to send you into a numbing state of euphoria. Please bear with us.

And if YOU, our loyal reader, happens to be Mich Dulche, then we are truly sorry for not being worthy.

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