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Olivier Zahm and Takashi Murakami for Pulse on NYTimes: Fashion and Style

Pulse on NYTimes: Fashion and Style

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[Photo by Terry Richardson]

The Eyebrow Raiser

OLIVIER ZAHM, a founder and the editor of Purple magazine.
WHAT I’M WEARING NOW An Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket and ostrich boots, American Apparel jeans and a vintage Christian Dior shirt. I buy a lot of these T-shirts from Eleven on Elizabeth Street. They feel sweet against the skin. My watch is a Seiko from the ’80s. It looks like a gold Rolex, which I can’t afford yet. The glasses are Ray-Ban. I have five pairs, all in different shades of amber. I love amber. It’s a beautiful color for men. The only perfume I wear is because of its amber color — Azzaro, which is an old cheap cologne for workers.

[Taken from NYTimes, Words by Karin Nelson]

STYLE CREDO To me, the best time for men was in the ’70s. I would love to look like Polanski or Jack Nicholson back then, the way they wore their jeans with just a shirt, a good watch, glasses and a nice white jacket. It was simple, but really sexy. At the beginning of this decade all the men got very glamorous. They started buying a lot of clothes. Me, I don’t like it. When you notice clothing on a man, I find it suspicious.

[Words by Olivier Zahm]

Personally, I’m not feeling the look too much. The dirt on his face and his disheveled hairdo does not do it for me. Also, the way he is wearing all the brands on his person does not do the brands justice. The clothes are expensive but the look is too inconspicuous. And I take issue with that. Not everyone is privileged to drop 5 bills on an outfit that does not look like it costs 5 bills. If you’re going to spend that much money on an outfit, why not show how much $500 can go? For $500, an outfit should be inspiring. I would cut the man some slack if he said he bought the leather jacket at a vintage store, the button-up was from Old Navy, and the T-shirt he got from Goodwill. Then I would be able to understand why his outfit looks that way.

However, the man does have strong opinions about his fashion. His credo is to stay under the fashion radar which is respectable. And he is very specific with his look. Because of this, it almost makes the fact that he is trying to revert back to the 70’s.

ACTUALLY, you gotta give the man props for looking like something out of Starsky and Hutch.

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[Taken from NYTimes]

This is the much-publicized collabo between Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton, which goes on sale this week. The take on the print is called Monogramouflage. Although it is very popular to have the Japanese remix everything these days, I wonder how this design will stand the test of time. Is it cool because it’s the “it” thing right now or will people say 10 years from now that they still have and use the timeless Murakami Camo LV bag? 5 years ago, Murakami designed the multicolor monogram design which rose to popularity but died out as fast as it came, only to be replaced by a newer Murakami brainchild (The Monogramouflage.) Will this print fall into the same fate?


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