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Hi. I’m Emore.

Emo Bear

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Hi. I’m Emore, a Southern California native who likes looking good. Nice to meet you.

Now, that wasn’t meant to sound big headed in any way. I don’t look good all the time–I just like it when I do. Good looking people are treated better, have more confidence, and perform better in their daily lives. And that’s fact.

Looking good doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, complicated, or expensive. You just have to care. By visiting this site regularly (and others like it), you do care. By looking at what others do and experimenting, you do care. But it’s not just the clothes you wear, it’s the way you feel about them that counts.

Let me explain. If you wear something comfortable, but to the wrong occasion, you are not going to look good. Conversely, if you wear something stylish, but are completely uncomfortable in it and feel ridiculous, you most certainly are not going to look good, possibly worse. You can always stick with the classics, conservatively stylish and comfortable, but look boring, and feel boring, and be … boring.

Now, I know you’re wondering, “Who does this [emo] kid think he is?” Given the stylistic associations with “emo,” I don’t blame you. I do rock black hair [naturally], thick black glasses [to see], a studded belt [they’re stronger than other belts], dirty converse [converse is supposed to be dirty], and introspective conversation [its catharthic] daily. But I do NOT wear girl jeans [they’re for girls], have side-swept bangs [how can you see?], or cut myself just to feel [no…] ever. “Emo,” is just a part of me and my culture.

And yes, there are some serious fashion offenders in my culture. I know, and people who try to be someone they’re not never look good, no matter what culture. Just be yourself. Be aware of what you like. Know what you are wearing, and why. Feel good, and you will look good.

So, once again, I’m Emore. Nice to meet you.


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