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Another Gas Related Post…

san fernando & buena vista

4,000 Gallons Of Diesel Fuel Stolen From Burbank Station

The gas was stolen during the early morning hours on Friday when the Exxon gas station at 2417 N. San Fernando Road was closed, said Lt. Armen Dermenjian of the Burbank Police Department. He said the thief probably used a fuel tanker truck.

“Due to the quantity of the fuel stolen, we believe a fuel tanker truck as used,” Dermenjian said.
Anyone with information about the gas heist was asked to call (818) 238- 3210.

[Taken from KNBC 4 link]

Wow. I’m perplexed. Diesel cars usually get much better mileage than their unleaded counterparts (despite the premium), and most modern ones readily accept renewable biodiesel. They either knew what they were doing, or they did, but not really…

So, +1 for their environmental conscience but -5 their lack of morals. Second, by denying people the ability to get gas at this location, they’re going to be stressed, and not going to look good. -5 points for a total of -9. Not a good thing to do.

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