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John Varvatos interview with Dressed

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John Varvatos interviews with Dino-Ray Ramos.

What kind of man wears your label?

It’s a lot of different guys, but it’s a guy who is confident. He’s not necessarily a fashion guru, but he likes style. He likes things that have lasting appeal to them. He’s kind of eclectic. I don’t think he’s a uniform guy. He might wear an elegant suit, but I don’t think he’s about having every outfit be perfect. He’s a little more eclectic. He’s a confident guy who’s well-educated and cares about his grooming.

How do you stay in tune with the modern male to gauge what you design?

Part of it is gut. It’s also about being in communication with them all the time. I work in our stores so I get the direct feedback from them. It’s all about communication.

When you design, how do you keep a balance of your own fashion vision and what the consumer wants?

I think there are a lot of guys who want what my vision is all about, so I try to stay true to who I am. That’s been my success so far.

[Taken from Dressed]

Varvatos is on top of his game. He’s one of the few who has cultivated the “American” style without letting you think of stars and stripes, red white and blue, and the cowboy boots and belt buckles. Yeehaw buckaroos.

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