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Examiner Tells Us How to Wear the Polo

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Please read the prologue of Stile E. Coyote’s tips on how to wear the polo. He said “the polo is as ubiquitous as girls on [his] arm.” C’mon now. Good fashion is about subtly sending your message through the clothes you wear. There’s no need for that machismo talk.

How to wear a Polo:
1. With a blazer: wear a fitted polo, tucked-in, collar down and tucked under the lapel.
2. With chinos or jeans: untucked, bold colors, collar down.
3. With shorts: try a light knit v-neck sweater, madras shorts (you’ll look like an arse, but so what? It’s summer.)

The Rules:

1. Never “pop” your collar.
2. Never tuck in your polo with jeans or chinos. That said, tuck in if your shirt if it is longer than your hips.
3. Experiment with bright colors or patterns with jeans or chinos.
4. Fitted. Always fitted.
5. No prints. Where did this fad come from? A small polo player or crocodile is all the flash you need.
6. Two words: Boat shoes or Stan Smiths. Unless you’re wearing a blazer. Then consider bucks.

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Thank God his tips hold some weight.


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  1. Posted September 21, 2008 at 9:04 am | Permalink

    Ha! Machismo? I wish had more. Thanks for the props, though. If anything, my style sense is better than my pick of women. Cheers, Cassanova (uh, wait a second…)

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