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Nice Suit: Matt Lauer on the Today Show

matt lauer

For someone who’s target audience are adults who don’t have to leave the house before 7:00 AM to work, Matt Lauer knows how to wear a suit [seriously]. Here’s why:

  1. Fit: The suit is cut trim, likely custom tailored, hugging his body and fitting perfectly. Most people, especially Americans, have a tendency to wear their suits too big for illusions of comfort or larger-than-life power. Wrong. It is much easier to move in a suit that fits, and larger suits look childish. Wear suits that fit.
  2. Open Critical-V: The Critical-V is the area formed by the jacket [when buttoned], shirt, tie, and pocket square that frames and draws attention to the face. Matt Lauer, on the other hand, unbuttons his jacket while seated. This maintains the proportions and function of the Critical-V, while displaying confidence and comfort in front of his audience. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t have worked if the shirt, tie, and pocket square didn’t work as well. It feels awkward to have a buttoned jacket while seated, feel free to let loose.
  3. Color: His color coordination is perfect for a summer day. Darker colors should be reserved for formal times, and summer is in no way a formal time. Besides, people will question why you are sweating in a dark suit in 101 degree weather. That is, unless, you’re not sweating [hint hint]. Be light, its the summer.

I do have one criticism, though, and its the size of his tie. Most trend publications will tell you that skinny ties are in and fat ties are out. Nevertheless, Matt Lauer caters to his public. Very few stores carry skinny ties and mainstream stores lag months behind anything fashionable. Don’t worry, you know what’s good, and like Matt Lauer, you know you can still look good in the mainstream.

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  1. casanovaruffin
    Posted June 19, 2008 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

    But what can you really say about that hurrcut?!?! I was always a fan of the functional microphone tieclip.

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