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Ralph Lauren’s and Marc Jacobs’ Gay-Friendly Fashion

With the gay pride parade coming just around the corner, fashion boutiques try to prove to parade patrons that they’re down (pun intended.) Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacob vie for the attention (and respect, I suppose) of the gay community with their window displays. In Ralph Lauren’s corner (Ralph Lauren’s corner being New York’s Bleeker Street,) there stands a number of mannequins donning polo colors in the order of ROY.G.BIV.

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In Marc Jacob’s corner, the Warholian-inspired likeness of the designer now includes a speech bubble clad in rainbow font exclaiming, “Happy Gay Pride!”

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[Pic from Shophound]

I’m still deciding whether this is a good thing or not. Of course, I think that the shops waving the flags for gay pride is a good thing. But I’m still on the wall about whether a cosmetic “We’re cool with you this week, gay community!” gesture is a good thing. I guess it couldn’t hurt. In the spirit of celebrating gay pride, a more welcoming environment is better than having the hostile, homophobic status quo that the country is so used to. Speaking of combating hostile and homophobic, Marc Jacobs is selling a rainbow colored Confederate Flag T-shirt.

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[Photo by Shophound]

What better way to give a middle finger to the haters?

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  1. Lindsay
    Posted December 10, 2008 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    I’m only 16 and yet it has come to the point where I am almost tearing with happiness at the notion of any acceptance of the gay community. Where I come from, a small red-neck town in Alberta, being gay or bisexual is nearly unheard of and I am one of those people who can’t live as they wish to live. This sign of embracing and warmth toward the gay community is one of those things that makes me stand back, smile and say, “Wow. Maybe life isn’t so bad.”

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