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Lacoste: 75 Years Worth of Accomplishment

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What are some of LACOSTE’s major accomplishments in 75 years?
The LACOSTE brand came to life in 1933 with a few white polo shirts for playing tennis, evolved in a complete line of sport and sportswear apparel, and is today a global lifestyle brand with clothing, leather goods, footwear, watches, glasses, fragrances and home textiles. To our knowledge, LACOSTE was the first to affix a logo on the outside of a clothing item. This famous crocodile polo shirt really revolutionized the way tennis players dressed on the courts and took the place of the long-sleeved, starched, uncomfortable shirts used before.

Do you ever see the ghost of Rene Lacoste roaming the halls?
If by ghost you mean his values and work ethics, then yes, we see ghosts every day. René Lacoste and the crocodile are still the only and true bosses of the company. He was known for his tenacity on the tennis courts and never letting go of his prey. This is why he was nicknamed “the crocodile” by the American press. It was logical for him to “sign” the shirt he invented, so he decided to embroider his nickname on his blazer. It is hard to think of LACOSTE without this crocodile. Today, two LACOSTE products are sold every second, making it one of the most recognized brands in the world. For our customers, we think LACOSTE is an authentic brand of high-quality products that are nice to wear in the pleasant moments of our lives.

[Taken from Hint Fashion Magazine]

I have mentioned fashion having a sense of history. I think it is important to experience what it is like to dress in styles that have laid the foundations for brands that have lasted decades. Why is it important? It’s a stability thing. It takes a lot of energy and a hit on your wallet to keep up with new fashion. You get older older and the realization that you’re now a grown-ass man is just another reminder why you need that kind of stability. I’m not saying that new styles should not be embraced with open arms or experimented with. I’m saying one day you gotta look in the mirror and be confident enough to know what you’re wearing, confident enough to not worry about what’s new in fashion. All of a sudden, I’m sounding like Ben Stein mouthing about having a sense of integrity in your fashion. But this is the part of me that sympathized for him. A young man will eventually have to learn this kind of stability. If he doesn’t learn it earlier and still tries to fashion styles that are unbefitting of the man’s age, it will show. If a young man catches on early, then he has enough time to fine-tune his style to sartorial perfection. That is the point when fashion truly inspires, no matter what age you are.

What does this have to do with Lacoste? I think this has always been the aim of their brand, just like any of the well-established fashion houses, to establish a style that lasts for an eternity. Of course, style is best observed in the context of the time period. But even when Lacoste has been faced with adapting to the fashion styles of the day, it has tried its best not to stray from the original designs that had popularized it. Kudos, Lacoste.

Happy 75th Anniversary!


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