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RadarOnline has a fresh take on the rising popularity of the V-neck.

Excerpts! Excerpts!

According to Mark-Evan Blackman, chairman of the menswear design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, the renaissance of the deep V-neck T-shirt is directly tied to the popularity of the basic white tee, which he says came into its own over the past five to seven years.

“It became a nice, really inexpensive, good-looking item that would always look fresh in the summer,” says Blackman. “[The white tee] was embraced by lots and lots of people. We saw it being worn on everyone from Compton to Westport, Connecticut.”

Blackman says that, like any good fashion trend, as soon as the basic white tee became too ubiquitous, people set out to redefine it. Thus, the rise of the V-neck.

“The V-neck is not made of oxford cloth, it’s not from Paul Stuart or from Brooks Brothers or Joseph Banks. It’s a more casual garment to begin with. The V-neck is showing that they’re a little more secure about themselves than the guy who chooses to wear that dress shirt,” Blackman says.

Swenson sees another explanation: Our culture is moving toward a more unisex fashion. “I can’t even tell who’s gay or straight anymore,” he says. “The way straight men dress, especially in L.A. and New York, the lines are kind of blurred, and straight men are becoming more stylish, and a little sexier, I guess.”

Donning a deep V-neck T-shirt to a summer party may scream “sexy and confident” to the fashion elite, but to others it simply bellows, “Look at me and my chest hair!” Those too young to remember the ’70s should be reminded: This is not a good thing.

[Taken from RadarOnline]


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