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Update: The Weather Sucks and Other Rants

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The weather is too unpredictable in the Bay. It’s cold in the morning when you step out and too hot in the afternoon to keep on the sweater you were wearing for the morning cold. By the time night comes around, you’re nose starts to run and you realize that you have to close all the windows that you opened for the afternoon heat. The weather’s playin’ trickster right now and of course, its affecting the wardrobe.

Either way, my wardrobe options are limited because I just moved into a new spot and all my go-out clothes are stuck beneath a hot mess of useless junk. And all my other good clothes are in SoCal waiting for me to carefully wash them, but I’m particular about them and dry cleaning it way too expensive. As far as clothes go, I’m incapacitated.

I wanted to write about stuff today, like about how hockey player Sean Avery’s fashion internship was a big bag of baloney considering he had no real credentials. It’s kinda like how Shaq wanted to become a sheriff. Why can’t the athletes just stick to what they know, like playing sports or rapping badly? Or I could’ve mentioned how Kanye’s collabo with Louis Vuitton could potentially produce overpriced boring shoes. But it’s Thursday today, the day before the July 4th Weekend. And I’m ready for hotdogs and hamburgers. Lazy.

Here are some updates:

We currently have a new writer lined up. Show him some love.

There will be a photoshoot in the near future…eventually.

Besides that, we hope to continue to give you more quality fashion commentary. We strive to get better and better as we step up our game.

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  1. Posted July 3, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    “Why can’t the athletes just stick to what they know, like playing sports or rapping badly?”

    ARE YOU KIDDING?! have you SEEN high school musical

    No, no, no, noooooooooo
    No, no, no
    Stick to the stuff you know
    It is better by far
    To keep things as they are
    Don’t mess with the flow, no no
    Stick to the status quo

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