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A Glimpse of Pastelle by Kanye West

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A shark-fin hoodie from Kanye West’s Pastelle line

[Photo by Adam Tschorn/ Los Angeles Times]

It’s not surprising that Kanye West would come out with a clothing line. You cannot be a fashion icon and not try your hand at designing. It was always in him. But ever since the fashion aficionado announced his Pastelle line, it has become one of the most anticipated collections that has yet to be introduced.

As the end of Paris Fashion Week drew to a close, it turns out that Kanye was giving the people a taste of Pastelle as he sat front row at numerous fashion shows…

ON DAY 1 of Paris Fashion Week, Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West was kicking it in the front row at Louis Vuitton, kitted out in a teal T-shirt, khakis and a denim jacket accessorized with a Michael Jackson button and a chunky red Lego heart. What appeared to be a silk LV scarf billowed from his back pocket.

On Day 2, West was wading through the human stew outside Kris Van Assche and Junya Watanabe in a gray notch lapel blazer and red pocket square. On Day 3, the look was brown leather with a crisp black detachable hood and slim-fitting gray dress shirt buttoned up to the chin and a pair of spotless white Vans lace-ups.

West was a front-row fixture throughout the week, popping up at almost a dozen shows, and queuing up with the hoi polloi, instead of scurrying in and out Anna Wintour-style, amid a scrum of security guards.

Of course, each day West made a sartorial statement of his own. But none as strong as on Day 4, when he turned out to the Dior Homme show in a zip-front hoodie with shoulder patches and a red-, yellow- and pink-striped hood topped with a shark fin. The hoodie — and as it turned out, many of the pieces he wore during the week — were from his own, long-awaited clothing collection, called Pastelle. And we’d been witness to a kind of show within a show.

[Taken from LATimes]

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Will it be as revolutionary as a Bathing Ape? Do we need another rapper-turned-fashion designer? Will he step outside of the streetwear genre completely? Are people going to start dressing like Kanye West? Oh wait, that’s already happening.

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  1. traron edwards
    Posted September 24, 2008 at 8:19 pm | Permalink

    well im a huge kanye fan anything he does i consider kool when his line drops imma buy every shirt,jacket,coat,hoody,jeans more then anyone imma promote his line to make sure everyone becomes fresh

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