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Following Neither Form Nor Function: Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons

It’s a Friday and that means no one’s in the mood to work. For some reason, I always get that image in my head of that worker bee constantly looking outside, counting down the minutes, so he can go play. Every week I try desperately to fight that feeling of lethargy that inflicts everyone, convincing us that it’s already the weekend. I actually feel that way everyday of the week but on Fridays, it’s the strongest.

Very sloppy

This is something I happened upon as I was doing my daily surfing. It’s the product of the Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons collaboration. The extra handles are unnecessary and excessive, in a non-luxurious way. Luxurious excessiveness would come in the form of a silk robe, or a smoker’s jacket, or something you don’t need but you can still use and simultaneously experience a sense of high (snobby) society when using it. I think the bag with the monogram already does that much. But there are enough handles to confuse which one to use. You could argue that it gives you more options when holding the bag, but forreal? How many handles does a normal car door have? Or a door itself? Or bags themselves? Usually, it’s one, a result of time-test, tried and true, function. Also, the handles are positioned so that you can’t carry it on your shoulder. Very sloppy right thurr.

For right now, it looks like they gave an artist some creative license to have his merry way with the bag. Oh well, consider it an extra thousand you don’t have to spend.


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