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I knew it!!! Shoes without socks…SUCKS!!!

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[Photo by Getty, Taken from Fendi Spring 2009 Runway]

Especially in the summertime.

Take that Thom Browne.

Finally, I have someone backing me up on the “shoes with no socks” issue. And luckily, it happens to be the fashion director at the New York Times Style Magazine.

Question: In the summer, I like to wear shorter pants (à la Thom Browne and other designers) while wearing loafers without socks. But I have ruined shoes this way. What can I do?

Answered by: Bruce Pask, T’s men’s fashion director.

I definitely don’t recommend going “commando” in your shoes. Sweat, especially in the summer, will destroy not just leather, but also possibly your relationship — stinky feet are usually not considered an asset…

[Read the rest at NYTimes’ The Moment]

The rest of the answer is about wearing low-cut socks, which I think is a great alternative. But ruined shoes, stinky feet, and everything in between, are exactly why I never consigned this look! There’s no shame in socks, fam!


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