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New Mamma Mia Poster is Out

I just noticed that new Mamma Mia poster is out in full swing in preparation for the upcoming movie.

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This is Amanda Seyfried and her smile has been gracing benches, bus stops, and billboards everywhere I look.

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This is the old Mamma Mia poster and to me, it was actually the more famous one. That’s why it didn’t feel right when I saw the Amanda Seyfried one. Whereas the latter poster has the feel of a musical on Broadway, the former poster has the feel of a movie adaptation of a musical on Broadway that will not do justice to its musical counterpart. But maybe that’s just me judging too early. The posters look similar but the new one doesn’t have a good enough “twist on a classic” feel that most movie adaptations go for. And the water looks photoshopped.

On another note, I’m happy about Amanda Seyfried landing roles, just when I thought she would forever be branded as “the dumb one” on Mean Girls or for you film buffs, the “slutty one” in Alpha Dog.


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