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How’re You Supposed to Act in an Art Gallery?!


Yesterday, the Steel Crew found itself at 1515 Folsom, which was part garage, part art gallery, for “It’s Pop It’s Art,” hosted by Ill-literacy, to celebrate the birthday of Ruby Veridiano-Ching. Featured at the gallery were the artistic creations of our favorite songs. The paintings were song lyrics in very crazy, aesthetic fonts. My two favorite songs were “I Just Wanna Love U” by Jay-Z and “The Littlest Things” by Lily Allen, mostly because those are the ones I recognize by ear. But anyways, now to the real question…


An art gallery usually mixes the event of the high-society-inspired tradition of publicly appreciating art with the sadiddyness and bougieness (new vocab ya’ll!) of the city’s elite. At least, I like to think of it that way. I don’t know if I was projecting my insecurities, but the art gallery was split up in schoolyard circles of San Francisco’s hipster communities. I think part of it was because everyone in the gallery was locally respected. It was important people afraid to talk to important people. And then there was the Steel Crew (HA!). We were like the shy girl at the party waiting for the boys to talk to us. But I think everyone was thinking the same thing. That is the one common thread of the post college graduate psyche, the hope that meeting people was as easy as it once was at the alma mater. The night loosened up as the free wine was making it way into everyone’s liver.


But we did get to meet the mamacita’s of Miss Crew! Imagine how ecstatic we were to be inside the secret society, even if it was only for one night. Oh they were delightful and very friendly as they explained what they do, how they blog, etc. And what do they think of Murakami’s Monogramouflage?! They love it. They even showed me a picture of the LV design that they took at the Brooklyn Museum. I felt like little kids sharing toys in the sandbox.


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    yenno, that’s really true! the was a point in the night where i pulled ruby aside and was like “yo…are these all the friends you hang out with when you’re not around me because i don’t know ANYONE…” maybe next time we’ll have icebreakers. heads up 7 up maybe???


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