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The Wire vs. Mad Men and the Emmy’s

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Ya’ll know how I feel about Mad Men. No doubt it has accomplished a lot in its first season alone. 16 Emmy nominations. Goddamn! Those emmy nods are one of the reasons why I got so interested in the show in the first place. But then I thought about the legitimacy of the Emmy’s. While I adore Mad Men, The Wire is my one true heart. And the Wire got nominated for one Emmy, about 4 years late, and it’s for Best Drama Series running against Mad Men. I think that the Emmy boardmembers have not been criticized enough for continuously making this egregious error time and time again. I don’t expect The Wire to win. But I think anyone who truly knows television, in all its glory and garbage, knows what has happened here.

Castmember, Method Man gives his thoughts on it…

TSS: Everyone is kind of upset about The Wire not getting an Emmy nod. They get snubbed?

Method Man: Yea, I thought they got snubbed. Before I even got on the show, I thought they got snubbed. But then, y’know you get these new television programs like “Mad Men,” y’know not trying to take anything away from those dudes but like they jumped right into Emmy contention. Barely had their program for six months then, right there, Emmy contention. America picks and chooses who they want to see and don’t want to see. You just gotta live with it.

TSS: Do you think it’s racial or—

Method Man: I wouldn’t say racial, man. Let’s not play the racial card. It’s bad enough Obama running for president and people wanna play the racial card. It’s just a show that deals with so much realism that it’s too much for some people to take. That’s why it gets snubbed whereas you look at a Sopranos which at the end of the day, is entertainment whereas with The Wire it’s right up in your face. It scared America I think. It’s not a Black show. It’s definitely an everybody show.

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    holy crap mad men got 16 emmy nods! wow. and yeah i should’ve put your folks banner into my stache post! haha.

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    Mad Men for the win. It could get by on style alone but it’s also one of the best shows ever!

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