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No Internet Sucks Wrinkly Balls


Sorry for not keeping up with comments guys.


Here is where I’m at with internet.

I tried to order AT&T internet online. It said that there was an error in completing my order. I probably did this about three or four times before I called them to order internet.

When I called AT&T, they said they could not honor the online deals, because I’m not “setting it up myself.” And then I said, “I tried to order online but you mofos are makin’ it muthaflippin’ difficult.” And I decided to take my chances online again. I ain’t gonna have the operator rob me.

So I decided to order online but this time, I went through one of those operators who you can chat online with. And they gave me a different working link where I can order my internet from. And the operator basically said, “You’re all set and you should have internet by the 11th.”

The 11th passes and I still don’t have my modem in the mail. I call them on the 12th about what happened to my internet. They reply, “Oh we had to run a check to see if DSL was available for your address. According to our reports, DSL is available but we were not sure if you wanted us to go through with your order. Would you like to order DSL now?” I hold back the irritation and say, “Yes that’ll be fine.” After ordering internet for the 20th time, the operator says, “Your internet should be up and running by the 18th.” Great.

18th comes and I actually do get the modem in the mail. I opened up the package like a bitter child who did not get his last five Christmas and birthday gifts. I plug it in, power and ethernet cord work, but the DSL blinks red. I think, OK, just use the CD they give you. Still the same thing. I call them about it. The first guy told me, “You’re internet should stabilize in a few minutes. Call us when that happens.” Never did. The second guy told me. “Call this number to check what’s going on with your computer.” Phone number didn’t work. The third guy told me, “We’re going to run a test to see what’s going on and we will call you back with the results.” They actually did do this and gave a number to follow up on it. Called the number and they explained, “Well it looks like your DSL is up and running right now. You might have a problem with your phonejack. What we’ll have to do is send a technician over there to check and see what the problem is and fix it. If the problem is on our end, then the visit is free. If the problem is on your end, then the visit is $60 for the first hour and $35 for every half-hour after that.” Eff it. I don’t have a choice, right? I haven’t had internet at my place for almost a month now. I’m not trying to postpone it. I’ll swallow the $60+, despite everything that I’ve paid for already. “Fine.” Today’s the day of the visit. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed after this.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing, except for the fact that I can’t blog because of it. So sorry for not keeping up with comments. Ya’ll know where it’s at now.

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