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Casual Monday

Corporate dress code bureaucracy makes me feel funny. My office is business casual. Business casual = no jeans. Casual Friday, then, equals jeans. Because we couldn’t have Casual Friday (client interaction) last Friday, we were given a Casual Monday, today. Now, since I could never tarnish the sanctity of the Monday, I came up with this:

casual monday

To me, this is business casual. Clean jeans, white oxford classic, vintage-conservative tie, secure belt, and ruffles from a long day at the office. It’s sturdy, durable, respectable working wear. I feel like I can face clients with poise and professionalism, comfortably. I wish I could wear this everyday, but I can’t. It’s frustrating. Corporate dress code bureaucracy.

I think that as long as jeans are conservative and clean, they can be incorporated into business casual. What do you think? Let’s start a petition and bring it to the principal saying this dress code is whack!

Corporate America, I will work inside you, but I will never let you steal my soul.


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