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Marc Jacobs gets t.A.T.u.’d

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Russian lesbians and part-time sangers of all things lesbian, t.A.T.u., have been picked up as the new faces of Marc Jacobs. Ah yes… we still remember that MTV award show where they had a copious amount of female dancers in tighty whiteys running around as t.A.T.u sang their hit smash, “They’re Not Gonna Get Us.” Or was it “All The Things She Said” ? Somehow, those two songs have mashed together in my head to form one song and the accompanied visual are schoolgirls running in white briefs. Ok, we don’t remember it that well, but we do remember it as the height of their career. It looks like their career has taken quite a turn as Marc Jacobs has seen something special in them, special enough to have them model for his Fall/Winter ’08 Collection. This is a good thing because I’m not sure how long t.A.T.u could have continued selling their jailbait chic angle. It is interesting to see how Marc Jacobs will utilize the duo in his campaign. In other words, will they model kissing or not kissing?

How does it look from the photoshoot?

[Source: Hollyscoop]


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