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Mad Men Star, John Hamm, Interviews with Best Life

Best Life recently conducted an interview with John Hamm, Mad Men’s Don Draper, the epitome of the new modern man at the moment. It is interesting to see the man behind the gentleman. Apparently, he’s been the cool guy his whole life. Not in the “pick on any random chump at his whim” sense of cool, but in the “everyone loves this guy, life of the party” sense of cool. Check out the interview. He certainly does talk the talk.


As she leaves, still without introducing herself, contentedly heading off to show photos of her dog to her friend, I realize that Hamm is the man I feared from the get-go; it’s just that the definition of being a man has changed from 1960. The guy just did the modern equivalent of helping a little old lady carry groceries to her car. Everything about him is a modern interpretation of adult. He may not be married, but he lives with his girlfriend of 10 years. He is politically progressive, but for him, it’s about responsibility. “I’m for raising taxes. I like nice flat roads and schools you can send your kids to. I don’t mind paying my share and someone else’s share,” he says.

“Any success I have has not been a steep ramp,” he says. “I’ve been doing this for a long time. But it’s an adult show. It’s not Hannah Montana or Indiana Jones. It’s this interesting thought piece that strikes a chord with a particular segment of our culture.”

Sounds like The Wire, except for the Emmy noms.

“That’s what our show is about,” he says. “They were full of shit. They didn’t know what they were doing. It makes you look at what that definition of ‘being a man’ really means and is there a happy medium. Instead of subscribing to this definition of a man or dude or guy, do what you want to do, buy a f–king yellow Mini Cooper. Get over it. It’s a f–king fun car to drive. You can do all the other man stuff and be unsatisfied.”

[First Seen at Drinkin And Dronin]



[Photographs by Richard Phibbs for Best Life]

[Words by Joel Stein for Best Life]


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  1. bobshallenberger
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    The Hammer is SO money!

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