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Terrence Howard Wants More Color!


[Photograph by Peggy Sirota for GQ]

The New York Observer caught up with Terrence Howard and the actor gave some of his thoughts on fashion. Terrence Howard is one of my all-time favorite actors, mostly for his role in Hustle & Flow, where he plays a down and out pimp whose outfits are more inspired by “Compton Couture” than high fashion. It’s the ultimate inspiration movie! This is a photo of him that he took for GQ a while back in a shoot of one-button suits. He really knows how to work a camera.

“I’ve been disappointed with men’s fashion for a long time,” he sighed. “In every society of animal life, even plant life, the males are so beautiful and so vibrant with color. But the most intelligent and the most creative of species, which is mankind, has been reduced to brown, black, gray, and ugly. You go inside a men’s shoe store and you see these bubbilicious men’s shoes. I used to ask women that would try to sell me these shoes, ‘If you walked in here and these were your options, would you buy this?’ They all said no.”

“Men need to start wearing boutonnières and hats again, we need to start having men’s bags to accessorize with, and the shoes need to be more expressive,” he said. “When you take color from a society, their intelligence drops and their imagination drops!”

“If you go to France or Italy, the men wear color and they are also more affectionate with each other,” he said. “You see a man walking down the street holding his son’s hand and you see a man kissing his son. That’s great. Color allows us to be as expressive as we need to be without being gay.”

[From the New York Observer]


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  1. em
    Posted September 4, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    was this for me? lol jk. i really do ❤ him though 🙂

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