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Janie Bryant Discusses Mad Men Season 2 Womenswear

I guess this would be the Mad Women edition. Janie Bryant, the show’s much-acclaimed costume designer, gives her commentary on the outfits of each character and her ideas when she was designing them.


Janie Bryant on Betty Draper, Episode 1
“Here she’s added her winter white cashmere coat. That’s a genuine piece. And of course she’s wearing her pearls and it’s almost like an Hermes style vintage scarf — it’s not Hermes, it just looks like it! That classic Betty Draper style. And the gloves, and the quilting at the cuff. It’s quite simple but so gorgeous. And you know, you still see women like this. That beautiful classic style from the period that they’ve carried on for their entire lives.”


Janie Bryant on Trudy Campbell, Episode 2
“Trudy’s dress is purple — you can’t believe how purple that bodice is in real life. It was like this huge size, and I cut it down to fit her. And how perfect is this, the label in the dress is called Park Lane Debs?! And my mother’s boyfriend gave the vintage brooch to me.”


Janie Bryant on Peggy Olson, Episode 2
“Peggy’s dress is this cotton floral vintage dress and keeping with that schoolgirl style that Peggy Olson has, but just a little dressier. This dress was huge, it was like, five or six sizes bigger than Elisabeth Moss. So I cut it down to fit her and added some more pleats in the skirt, and then added the petticoats and the black satin belt. She had on white petticoats underneath the dress during the party, but when they shot the scene where the camera is above her, her sheets were white and I was like, we have to do a black petticoat because I love showing the undergarments and what goes into the making of the final piece.”


Janie Bryant on Bobbie Barrett, Episode 3
“I see Bobbie having some sort of glitz because she used to be a showgirl. And this is the bodice, it’s a printed silk with gold beading covering it. Being forward, that is her character; she’s a total modern woman. Matt and I had a lot of discussions about where I was going with ’60 to ’62, and the change is really minimal, because change takes time.”


Janie Bryant on Joan Holloway, Episodes 4 and 5
“I think that Joan is a woman who knows exactly what her assets are, and I think she totally commands that office. And when she is on that screen, that’s all you see. Maybe she came to the office to find her husband…I think she’s probably a person who always wore form-fitting clothes.”

[Taken from the Mad Men blog]


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