Skip navigation gets major, adds more garbage to front page

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I don’t want to really lob hate bombs at one of the best (content-wise) urban/street/stufftobuy/lifestyle online magazines out there, but it looks like Slamxhype decided to stick with this new format to better organize the scads of scenes and beats that they cover. Different tabs for different scenes, instead of the normal eye-melting aggregate.

I don’t like it. Big surprise.

Call me old-fashioned, but the aesthetic cleanliness of solely vertical scrolling and reverse chronological linearity in streetwear websites made more sense. It just worked. Anything and everything, visually vomited directly downward on your screen.

I suppose it’s a testament not only to the ever-expanding creative boundaries of these brands, but also to the fact that fashion, art, and media as a whole have been embracing them and putting out more collaborations that reach out to larger demographics.

Tastes are constantly being elevated, and that’s good (Ed: uhhhh the jury’s out on that one). We want to see more good junk from people we’ve never heard of so we can blow more paychecks on it. Slamxhype’s new look is part of that tide of change. What’s an old fart like me to do?

Good thing there’s Hypebeast.


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