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The Streets is Watching…Fall+Winter 2008 Looks

While all the hoopla is surrounding the tents popping up in NYC for Fashion Week, you’ll have noticed over the past few months that all the street brands have slowly, but surely, been rolling out lookbooks and sneak peeks for their Fall / Winter 2008 lines. We all know (and expect) the staples to be there for the upcoming frost: hoodies, fleece, flannels, etc. What’s new here is that companies are integrating “detail” oriented pieces with their crowd-pleaser “graphic” oriented product.

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One of TH’s new jawns. This whole Michael Scofield look is boner-inducing.

Which is to say, not only will you have have choices of fleece with obnoxious logos and ironic script, but you’ll also get to see details that pop on more subtle pieces: custom zipper pulls, trick hoods, 3M lining, etc.

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She’s tricky…tri-tri-tri-tricky! from Adidas Y-3

Everyone seems to have expanded their cut & sew collections…expect to see a lot of twists on the classic M65 military jacket (albeit lazy twists at that), more prep steez layers (cardigans, henleys), and denim, denim, denim.

Okay, so what?

Doesn’t all of that nonsense sound boring? I love me some flannels, but honestly, I think we’ve all had our fill (and have stocked up) on flannels over the past two or three YEARS. And cardigans? Perhaps not as obsequious as the hoodie – but again, that shit’s barely pushing stamps, nevermind the whole envelope.

Thank god for the Japanese. I’ll save my rants on the ebbs and flows of creative vision between the Orient and the Occident (and yes, there are ebbs and flows) for another day, but I was genuinely, utterly, 2PM-in-history-class BORED by every spy photo and lookiebooky from everyone…everyone, that is, except w)taps.

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The w)taps collection is undoubtedly hit-and-miss. But when they hit…goddamn, it’s like being clobbered by a Tyson left hand in ’88.

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It’s a whiff of Americana (Nashville belt buckles, military cargos) with splashes of cult (Warriors-esque leather and headgear) and a heaping handful of rock-and-roll (tonal Judas Priest BDSM leathers). You’ll notice, however, how they retain that…what is it?….that “aura” that only Rising Sun boutiques can lend.

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But the selling point for me is how it looks so natural. Everything just flows, and it’s refreshing to see outfits that cannot be replicated with trips to Melrose or H&M or 1986. And, I’ll admit, the motorcycles-and-guitars imagery that this type of look conjures up is always the type of look that steals my money.

My only gripe is that I can’t see what kind of footwear they’ve completed the looks with. I’d personally cap those outfits with some lumberjack Red Wings or Clarks Desert Boots.

As for everyone else…well, they’re just giving the people what they want. Hard to argue with democracy. The skate and hip-hop influences still reign supreme over most street brands, so why fuck with what works? I guess the only problem with democracy is that, sometimes, it devolves into mob rule.

Alexander Worthington iii wants to know what you goons are gearing up with for the coming storm. Email him at


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