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Advice You Can Take to the Bank


I have spent the last hour or so reading the wisdom off the pages of “1001 Rules for My Unborn Son.” It’s a list of mostly one-liners that range from sartorial advice, life philosophy, practical life skills, and tips for gentleman in general. Right now the list stands at 193, but the list so far has been superb. Don’t know how to act? It never hurt to consult the instruction manual. I’m sure your spawn would definitely enjoy the direction.

Advice that made me go AMEN

– You won’t always be the strongest or fastest. You can be the toughest.

– The most expensive restaurant is NEVER the best.

– Keep your word.

– Know your neighborhood like the back of your hand.

– Dance with your partner, not at her.

Advice that made me go eeeeeeeeehhhh…

– Socks are not necessary in the summer, no matter how formal the occasion.

– Nothing good ever happens after 3 am. I promise.

– Sit in the front of the classroom.

– A vandal is the lowest form of scoundrel.

– Try a hairstyle that you’ll one day regret. I’ll get over it.

[First seen at Kempt]


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    yooooo casssss I love this blog! Good job on it homie!

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