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No-Budget Makeover with Jonathan

The Steel Closet presents… our No-Budget Makeover! The No-Budget Makeover features a complete transformation of our model using clothes already in their Steel Closet! No need to play catching up with the Joneses at H&M. The power is already on your hangers!

What will our friend, Jonathan, wear to Iciwici’s birthday party?

Do you want to see how we turned this…


into this?!?!?


It’s not witchcraft. Just the magic of color cOOrdination! See how we did it after the jump!

If you enjoyed that superfluous intro, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate the details. Iciwici is having a semi-formal birthday party at a banquet hall. Our friend, Jonathan, asked us to dress him and of course, we obliged. It was fairly simple. Jonathan doesn’t have a warehouse of clothes to scour through. We first eliminated all the clothes that said “large” on the label. The clothes need to fit. Next, when he laid out this blue cardigan on the bed, it was probably his most standout item, so we decided to build the outfits around it. We decided he couldn’t wear blue or black pants because we wanted the colors to compliment each other, not match each other.

Outfit 1


This outfit was pretty basic. At its worst, he could’ve worn it to the party and not be accused of being poorly dressed.

Outfit 2


This was better. The olive pants shows that the man knows what the season is. The white shirt worked but the whole outfit risked being too normal.

Outfit 3


This outfit responded most favorably with our focus groups (haha). The colors complimented each other. It wasn’t boring but not too flamboyant. It just felt right. And if it feels right, there’s nothing more to be said. Imagine what we could have done with $5000!

Jonathan said he would iron the clothes and I would lend him one of my ties, since he didn’t own any. All-in-all the makeover was a success and now Jonathan can support his 25 kids who have reading disabilities.

Thx. Jonathan!


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