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James Franco for Gucci

James Franco opens up a fresh pack of Velveeta with this one. It’s hard to hate James Franco because he looks so honest and innocent. But I think he’s missing that extra umph that Gucci embodies. It’s that thing Daniel Craig has, whatever it is. Mojo, I guess. [Seen at Brandish] Advertisements

Most Annoying Campaign of 2008

Cas’ post about the best fashion campaigns inspired me to submit my nomination for the most annoying campaign of 2008: D&G has always had controversial campaigns, but this one just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps because it is in every magazine, perhaps because it always catches me off guard. Please tell me I’m not alone…anyone?

Support You Like a Wonderbrah

RadarOnline has a fresh take on the rising popularity of the V-neck. Excerpts! Excerpts! According to Mark-Evan Blackman, chairman of the menswear design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, the renaissance of the deep V-neck T-shirt is directly tied to the popularity of the basic white tee, which he says […]