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Category Archives: Announcements

Andre Benjamin: Launching a menswear label is the hardest thing he’s ever done

I saw this at Business of Fashion. I don’t think I could ever get tired of news about Benjamin Bixby. A lot is riding on his success. I feel like he’s the first rapper to legitimately break into the high-end fashion world. Sean John OR Rocawear do not count, not by a long shot. But […]

The Independent Pays Homage to 20 of World’s Most Influential Designers

The Independent recognizes the designers who have made the hugest contributions to today’s fashion. These are the designers who do not just set the trends, they create it. Included on the list are Hedi Slimane, Christopher Bailey, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Rei Kawakubo. [Photo from the Independent] The looks that shook the world: A […]

Mad Men Wins 6 Emmys

The most fashionable show of the moment and Steel Closet favorite, Mad Men, wins 6 Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series and Best Actor, going to John Hamm. Salutes to Don Draper. What I appreciate most about Mad Men is its ability to show how fashion can speak volumes of a person, no doubt a factor […]

Bootsy Collins

Any time I think of a boot, I always recall this military outfit that Johnny Depp wore. As fall approaches, everyone is starting to make a shift to their fall wardrobes. Lately, there’s been a huge emphasis on boots. How do I know this? Because lately I’ve been wanting a pair. Usually, my spending habits […]

There’s Hope for Fashion

If things didn’t already look bad for lyin’ McCain, he has to deal with the fashion industry not having his back as nearly all the big names in fashion are designing pieces for Runway to Change. These limited edition T-shirts and accessories are now being sold at the Obama Store. Word is that they’re NOT […]

Emma Watson for September Vogue Italia

Here are some recent pictures that Emma Watson took for September’s Vogue Italia. I found them at, a site that I visit frequently. Haha jk. Enjoy.

KAWS Profiled for The Moment

Famed artist, KAWS, is profiled by NY Times’ The Moment. Name: KAWS (Brian Donnelly) Age: 33 Occupation: Artist (painter, sculptor, designer) Home base: Brooklyn Retail standby: I stop by the book shop Spoonbill & Sugartown every few days. Music venue: I’m not really a live music type of person but will try to check out […]

Where you from? N. Hoolywood

So I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long while now. There’s a clothing brand out there in Japan called N. Hoolywood. Their latest release includes ridiculously priced undergarments (i.e. $155 undershirts). I’ve been completely perplexed as to why someone would name their brand N. Hoolywood. You see, I’m from a little ol’ […]

GQ Photoshops Brett Favre’s Head

So GQ has a slideshow entitled “GQ Upgrades Brett Favre.” They have an introduction where they, as if they’re actually talking to Brett, criticize the quarterback for not being sartorially prepared since he has arrived in New York. And they say they’ll show him how it’s done. One would assume that they actually took Brett […]

Louis Vuitton for Vogue Japan

Some very trippy stuff. Louis Vuitton does a 3-dimensional take on their checker pattern? Do they have an in-house telekinetic that they use to shape their bags? Maybe Louis Vuitton will set up a pop-up shop in Japan and have live demonstrations of telekinesis or front-seat views of self-destructing 3-D worlds. This photo really reminded […]