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Category Archives: Tips

I thought I talked about this already.

These men’s legs are too long for their shorts. [Photo from NYTimes] Oh yeah, I did. I mentioned it here and here. NYTimes has decided to beat a dead horse with the issue by declaring men’s shorts fashion forward. Not only are they declaring it fashion forward, but they are encouraging men to go shorter […]

Why must we move in extremes?

[Image from Selectism] When someone is trying to make a point, the individual moves in one direction. The bandwagon effect occurs and then everyone (read hipsters) joins in trying to send the same message, which was basically lost once everyone caught on. Consequently, a snob effect occurs as well. Anything that becomes too popular automatically […]

The Staggered Tie

As you know, Fonzworth Bentley is a fashion icon with tremendous style. He also happens to have a new television show, through which he can showcase his talent. Let’s take a look at his first episode suit. Besides being slim-cut and stylishly mismatched, he utilizes a subtle technique that rounds out and adds a touch […]

I don’t know about Shorts with a Sport Jacket

[Photos by The Sartorialist] I remember wearing a short suit…when I was 3-years old. My mom used to pimp me in Osh Kosh back in those days. For some reason, I’m not really sold on the idea that the shorts with sports coat combination is the “mark of a man.” It reminds me of a […]

I knew it!!! Shoes without socks…SUCKS!!!

[Photo by Getty, Taken from Fendi Spring 2009 Runway] Especially in the summertime. Take that Thom Browne. Finally, I have someone backing me up on the “shoes with no socks” issue. And luckily, it happens to be the fashion director at the New York Times Style Magazine. Question: In the summer, I like to wear […]

Following Neither Form Nor Function: Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons

It’s a Friday and that means no one’s in the mood to work. For some reason, I always get that image in my head of that worker bee constantly looking outside, counting down the minutes, so he can go play. Every week I try desperately to fight that feeling of lethargy that inflicts everyone, convincing […]

Brett Broski’s “The Ultimate Broski”

This is a fun one. Any self-respecting fashion publication will tell you that you shouldn’t wear sunglasses indoors, unbutton your shirt to douchebag neck, pop your collar, or even use hair gel. Nevertheless, many people still do, and still find it fashionable. If you wanted proof why it isn’t, here it is [NSFW]. Still not […]

Topic of the Day: The Importance of Button Stance

Every aspect of fashion deserves attention. Even the best casual dressers have a method to their madness. It might be a nitpicker’s issue, but apparently, button stance, the distance between the first and second button of a collar shirt is a subtle nuance that is worthy of discussion. Personally, I don’t think I have put […]

They Can Smell You A Mile Away

Some fashion is just utterly predictable. Utterly predictable in the sense that it can tell other people what you’re all about. Ok, it might not tell the whole story of what you’re about. But for some people, what you wear is enough for people to make their snap judgments and decide whether or not they […]

It’s Coming Back!…The Tank-Top

I’m calling it. And the Steel Closet is the first place you’re hearing it. This summer is a season of throwbacks. While the technicolor Wayfarer may be on its last leg, bright colors are still in, and the resurrection of the fanny pack is ushering an early nineties sense of style. AC Slater, we salute […]