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Holdin’ It Down for the Hometown

The editor of Racked L.A. Tasha Nita Adams hold her head up high for L.A. How would you defend L.A. style to a snotty New Yorker who says that Angelenos only wear flip-flops, tight jeans and $300 T-shirts? Adams: “I think one of the greatest benefits of L.A. is that we’re not tied to wearing […]

Time Magazine Not Down With Flip-Flops in the Workplace

Time Magazine’s Lisa Takeuchi Cullen writes about how business casual is ambiguous in American culture. Clothing chaos has led many employers to simply give up. The number of companies allowing workers to dress casually every day dropped from 48% in 2004 to 37% in 2007, according to human resources trade group SHRM. And the trend […]