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Only One Way To Wear A Green Blazer

And that’s only if you’re the best golfer in all the land. But Lacoste tries with this LOUD one-button blazer. Too bad it misses its mark with the blazer’s nonconformity to body size. I suppose you can justify it as golf-inspired but people won’t justify buying it if you can only wear it to the […]

A First Glimpse at Lacoste Autumn Winter 2008-2009

Lacoste has a habit of waiting until the last minute to reveal their new collection. Once they release their new collection, they’ll leave it up for about six months and have the customers get tired of it. And THAT’S when they’ll release another collection. They like to catch us off guard, I guess.

Trippy: Coco Rocha for Visionaire & Lacoste

A flipbook comes to mind.

How to Spot a Fake Lacoste Polo Shirt

I get updates on my Google Alerts all the time about “How to Spot a Fake Lacoste” but it’s usually just spam. BORING!!! But I found this video to be very educational. Taken from Youtube Info: “This is the first video to be released from FakesRevealed. The info in this video applies only to short […]

Old School: Greek Advertisement: Lacoste 1991

For me, watching the magic happen (the stitching of the crocodile) was worth the post.

Lacoste Outfits the Australian Open With Over 1000 Uniforms

[Image from Sassybella] With Polo taking Wimbledon, Lacoste had to step it up somehow. This is their response. Wimbeldon is set to end this weekend and the Lacoste sponsored, Andy Roddick, is long gone from the tournament. But none of that is on the French clothing company’s mind with news that they have partnered up […]

Visionaire X Lacoste Pool Partay with Santogold and Karl Lagerfield! Haaaaayyy!!!

In celebration of their recent collabo, Visionaire and Lacoste decided to throw themselves a little poolside soiree. I wanted to cover the collabo but there was no decent pictures, and the shirts they made were just nasty. But look at all the fun everyone’s having!!! 1st video: Peep the ladies get their groove on, Mitsubishi […]

Lacoste Does it Live

Lacoste has now gone “3D” with its interactive windows in the Notos Galleries Department Store in Athens. It reminds me of the Abercrombie and Fitch greeter at The Grove in Southern California. As people entered the store, a topless male model would greet everyone with their bulging pecks and their washboard abs. The premise was […]

Lacoste: 75 Years Worth of Accomplishment

What are some of LACOSTE’s major accomplishments in 75 years? The LACOSTE brand came to life in 1933 with a few white polo shirts for playing tennis, evolved in a complete line of sport and sportswear apparel, and is today a global lifestyle brand with clothing, leather goods, footwear, watches, glasses, fragrances and home textiles. […]

Lacoste Cologne gets new 75th Anniversary Packaging

Lacoste Essential gets a minor makeover in order to milk this 75th Anniversary dry. “The Lacoste team wanted to make a statement with this Limited Edition: for as long as we can remember Rene Lacoste was probably the first who thought to actually put a brand logo without a name on the outside of an […]