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How Mad Men Won 6 Emmys

It turns out that AMC relied on some clever marketing tricks to nab its 6 Emmys. It turns out that ingenious story arcs, elaborate sets, detailed costumes, and all the subtle nuances that are employed to capture the realities of a specific era in time are not enough to capture an Emmy. It takes buzz […]

Mad Men Wins 6 Emmys

The most fashionable show of the moment and Steel Closet favorite, Mad Men, wins 6 Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series and Best Actor, going to John Hamm. Salutes to Don Draper. What I appreciate most about Mad Men is its ability to show how fashion can speak volumes of a person, no doubt a factor […]

Mad Men Scrapbook: Prop Pictures from the Set

I found this on the Mad Men blog. It’s a series of very detail-oriented props that they use for the show. It is amazing how they have interpreted the past with strong visuals such as these. See the rest here. Paul’s Girlfriend Pete Campbell’s Business Card

Janie Bryant Discusses Mad Men Season 2 Womenswear

I guess this would be the Mad Women edition. Janie Bryant, the show’s much-acclaimed costume designer, gives her commentary on the outfits of each character and her ideas when she was designing them. Janie Bryant on Betty Draper, Episode 1 “Here she’s added her winter white cashmere coat. That’s a genuine piece. And of course […]

More Mad Men Photos

I watched the first few episodes, stopped, and then continued. And boy does the show get a lot better, after already being superb.

Mad Men x Playboy Bunnies

We’re in Vegas, so enjoy the photos.

The Wire vs. Mad Men and the Emmy’s

Ya’ll know how I feel about Mad Men. No doubt it has accomplished a lot in its first season alone. 16 Emmy nominations. Goddamn! Those emmy nods are one of the reasons why I got so interested in the show in the first place. But then I thought about the legitimacy of the Emmy’s. While […]

Mad Men on Charlie Rose

Call it a defect of my generation, but watching old man asking dully-delivered, albeit interesting, questions does not appeal. We’re just so used to pressing the up/down buttons on the remote. Nonetheless, Mad Men is THE next show and it’s good to see any press that promotes it. Good, as in, I’d watch it. Rose […]

I Watched Mad Men Last Night

[Photo courtesy of AMC] But it wasn’t the Season 2 premiere that everyone was hyping up yesterday. With the premiere being 40 minutes away, my roommate and I were looking up why all the fuss. We discovered that we get all of Season 1 of Mad Men on OnDemand! Yes! And while we would’ve been […]

Mad Men is Sex and The City for Men?

I was held aback when I read that here and here. I don’t know about that. I haven’t seen the show but I kinda gave that crown to Entourage. Considering all its buzz and advertisements, I’ll give the show its due for capturing 60s style, especially for men, so perfectly. It doesn’t necessarily depict what […]