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A First Glimpse at Lacoste Autumn Winter 2008-2009

Lacoste has a habit of waiting until the last minute to reveal their new collection. Once they release their new collection, they’ll leave it up for about six months and have the customers get tired of it. And THAT’S when they’ll release another collection. They like to catch us off guard, I guess. Advertisements

Brett Broski’s “The Ultimate Broski”

This is a fun one. Any self-respecting fashion publication will tell you that you shouldn’t wear sunglasses indoors, unbutton your shirt to douchebag neck, pop your collar, or even use hair gel. Nevertheless, many people still do, and still find it fashionable. If you wanted proof why it isn’t, here it is [NSFW]. Still not […]

Lacoste Sunglasses – You are the Model

Remember how I said if you check out the Lacoste sunglass website, there would be a pleasant surprise? Well here it is It’s an interesting 3D Motion Interactive Website where you can try on the sunglasses!!! YOU ARE THE MODEL!

Lacoste Celebrates 75th Anniversary with New Stunna Shades

Christophe Pillet, Creative Consultant for LACOSTE eyewear comments: “These sunglasses are true contemporary objects composed with some vintage ingredients. To commemorate our anniversary, each pair of sunglasses comes with a specially designed sunglass case and lens cloth.” All items in the 75th anniversary collection feature a distinguishing logo different to the original crocodile mark: a […]