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This Stewart/Colbert Cover of Entertainment Weekly makes me smile a lot more than the New Yorker original, which didn’t make me smile at all. [PICTURED] | [Cover Awards] The Coveted interviews The Style Clicker on the state of street fashion photography. | [The Coveted] Justin Ouellette says Muxtape is dead? I guess there’s always FavTape. […]

Ready to Live.

Notorious trailer Fashion would be nowhere without influences – and I would be nowhere without mine. I didn’t listen to a whole lot of hip hop growing up, but when I did, you better believe I was probably jammin’ to something from Bad Boy. Watch that trailer and tell me that it doesn’t give you […]

Bobby Hundreds is shameless.

…with that cross-branding promotion, I mean. And he’s also really funny. I’m dreaming of fresh pow night and day, and it figures that the stars and moon would align for Bobby to drop sneak peeks of the new Hundreds x Forum collaboration in highly entertaining fashion. It reads way better if you peep it at […]

Sean Connery is New Model for Louis Vuitton

Do you think that Sean Connery being commissioned by Louis Vuitton adds to the elegance and timelessness of the brand with the addition of a renowned gentleman? OR do you think that this collaboration will add to LV’s reputation as a stuffy snobhouse with a stuffy old man as its poster-grandpa? [Source: Vuitton’s New Bond… […]

Ok we need 700 CCs of everybody’s money, STAT!

This seems to be going around, so might as well post it. Let’s give the smart guy a wedgie ya’ll!

What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Maggie Lee, Vice Magazine

I basically spent an hour scanning these pictures off of Vice Magazine that we scored at the Tobi party because they were my favorite out of the whole issue. They really spoke to what an actual summer vacation as a kid is like. It’s not about going to the beach everyday or taking a trip […]

How Mad Men Won 6 Emmys

It turns out that AMC relied on some clever marketing tricks to nab its 6 Emmys. It turns out that ingenious story arcs, elaborate sets, detailed costumes, and all the subtle nuances that are employed to capture the realities of a specific era in time are not enough to capture an Emmy. It takes buzz […]

This photo is just wrong

This photo from Esquire, featuring writer Nam Le, is no doubt taking its inspiration from Old Boy. And for those of you who’ve seen Old Boy, you why this is messed up. [Scan from The Sunday Best]


M.I.S.S. Crew informs the ladies why his brother AND his friends are off limits | [M.I.S.S. Crew] Girl Talk destroyed three laptops, including a Panasonic Toughbook, last year in the anarchy that are his performances | [Details] Upgrader catches 50 Cent, Jeremy Piven, Mark Ronson, and Andre Benjamin dressing rather impeccably [PICTURED] | [Upgrader] Eva […]

More Funky Party Pics

The Celebutante, she proceeded to tear and thrash around chaotically when someone complimented her on her dress. And everyone invited was given a gold key to present at the door to get in. Just kidding, this ain’t MTV. The paparazzi in my face