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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Ocho Cinco

It’s college game day, and the college campuses are all wearing their respective school colors. Fashion takes a break for today and pretty much every Saturday and Sunday for the next couple weeks, at least when the game is on. In other news, Chad Johnson officially changes his last name to Ocho Cinco to stick […]

Dita Von Teese x Wonderbra

It’s Friday. And not a lot of things can top an internationally known burlesque model posing in her unmentionables. The best part of waking up … © Folgers Dita von Teese is the new face (and body) of Wonderbra [Times Online]

The Hundreds WOW me

The Hundreds, a streetwear clothing brand for lack of a better word, just released the 2nd drop of their fall collection and I was impressed. I’ve been following the brand a lot recently because their website is so addictive, but I could never understand why I kept coming back. I don’t get into streetwear much. […]

Shoes for the Occassion

Refinery 29 has just released their Shoes for Fall editions for both guys and gals. While it is advisable to not get overwhelmed by the vast selections that they provide, it is best to use the catalog as inspiration for outfit ideas rather than treat the shoes as Fall must-haves. If you spend more than […]

Dude It’s Out

What’s out? The new Fast & Furious Trailer! Excuse the bro moment but that was the pent up excitement of Alexander Worthington iii telling me that the new import rice rocket action flick trailer has just been released. Before you start to judge, our favorite pastime is quoting these movies in all its ridiculousness. You […]

My name is William Rast

It is increasingly becoming a prerequisite of a successful fashion campaign to have an accompanying video. William Rast is no exception. Timberlake teams up with model Erin Wasson to present to us the life of William Rast. The movie is split into nine parts with three of the parts already released. While I really wanna […]

Slim is Out? Fat is in?

According to Details, broad shoulders, wide lapels, and wide legs are the next big thing. I think it’s interesting to see when tastemakers start to deviate from the plan. What do you guys think? Are we ready for the 80’s and 90’s to come back? Like we haven’t seen it done already.

Moisturize Your Situation, Preserve Your Sexy

[Photo by Sean John Fragrances] Nope, it’s not another spot for Proactiv. Diddy is cashing in on his strongest suit, the art of concocting fragrances (ha!). The fragrance is named “I Am King.” And the marketing is perfect for the superiority-complex-ridden demographic. His last fragrance did very well and everyone murmured about it as if […]

Casual Monday

Corporate dress code bureaucracy makes me feel funny. My office is business casual. Business casual = no jeans. Casual Friday, then, equals jeans. Because we couldn’t have Casual Friday (client interaction) last Friday, we were given a Casual Monday, today. Now, since I could never tarnish the sanctity of the Monday, I came up with […]

Rugby – Fashion by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren web promo video with Kerry Degman