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Category Archives: Accessories

Bobby Hundreds is shameless.

…with that cross-branding promotion, I mean. And he’s also really funny. I’m dreaming of fresh pow night and day, and it figures that the stars and moon would align for Bobby to drop sneak peeks of the new Hundreds x Forum collaboration in highly entertaining fashion. It reads way better if you peep it at […]

Sneakers that aren’t just sneakers.

Skim through enough fashion articles and sartorial suggestion pieces and you’ll notice that there is strong encouragement to pick pieces that are timeless, to select items that are not only versatile enough to mix well with different looks but are also unique enough to stand on their own if you so choose. Needless to say, […]

Sarah Palin Sparks Milf Craze… I mean, Eyeglasses Craze!

The image of the naughty librarian has been around for ages. Despite the fact that most librarians we know who work at the library are over age 50 and look like they sit on their arse the whole day, the image of the hot, tone-bodied, cleavage-copious visual prevails. And the scenario is always the same, […]

The Sartorialist likes Canvas Bags

Actually, I’m not sure if he likes canvas bags or not. But in the recent stream of pictures that he took for during fashion week, most of the men are holding a canvas bag or an accessory that holds their belongings. It does, to an extent, contribute to the look of the outfit. Maybe […]

I want these.

Shiny shoes are in. From the Converse/John Varvatos SS ’09 Collabo. [Images from Haute Concept] These shoes take the classic Chuck design and give it a shiny twist. And Varvatos = legit. I prefer the high-tops.

The Skinny on the Shemagh

I feel like we haven’t given enough love to the shemagh, a.k.a. the keffiyeh. It was difficult! I’m not saying it wasn’t fashionable. It was for a second or two. A scarf with a cool pattern during the winter months made sense. And then it started gaining more and more steam. And once it becomes […]

Following Neither Form Nor Function: Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons

It’s a Friday and that means no one’s in the mood to work. For some reason, I always get that image in my head of that worker bee constantly looking outside, counting down the minutes, so he can go play. Every week I try desperately to fight that feeling of lethargy that inflicts everyone, convincing […]

“Violating the Armored Sentry” Gucci Hysteria Ad Campaign

Nadal Wins Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer in five sets. [Image by Nike] This is big for Nike! And big for headband wearers.

8-8-2008 By Gucci

As we slowly start to approach the summer olympics, everyone seems to be using this occasion as their own personal advertising playground. This isn’t new but the fact that the events are going to be held in China has not helped anything. China has saw fit to turn the Olympics into a strong marketing campaign […]