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In Simpler Times


[By Tim Lahan]

The 90’s were a much simpler time. Before there was a list of “10 items a gentleman must own” with coats, ties, slacks, and blah blah blah, the impressionable teenager and those in denial of their true age had a different uniform and a different list of sartorial must-haves. I was ecstatic, yes ecstatic, to see this how-to guide for “Compton Couture,” a succinct outline of what an O.G. (Original Gentleman) wore during the 90’s. The best part about this is I still approve of some of these items. Dressing up can be a chore sometimes and it is unrealistic to wear your best clothes every day. There would be no appreciation for it. In any case, O.G. wear is straight to the point. No irony, just a faint mask hiding deep insecurities, as opposed to coats and ties, which is really just a much better mask. Sometimes you just wanna rep where your from…or deny your true age.

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[Shoutout to Prostituted Thoughts]

I was gonna attempt to blur out some stuff on this art piece, but suffice it to say that The Steel Closet does not condone the language of “Jocking Bitches” and “Slapping Hoes.” We also do not approve the use of the word, “Cracker,” and we harbor no ill feelings towards the WASP community.

Political Correctness. Don’t you wish we were in simpler times?

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  1. Posted September 5, 2008 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    im glad you let the piece of art speak on its own. blurring would be…unamerican.

    kudos and good find. where did you ever come across such an interesting piece? (you presented this way better than I ever could).

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