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Category Archives: Critiques

Sneakers that aren’t just sneakers.

Skim through enough fashion articles and sartorial suggestion pieces and you’ll notice that there is strong encouragement to pick pieces that are timeless, to select items that are not only versatile enough to mix well with different looks but are also unique enough to stand on their own if you so choose. Needless to say, […]

Sarah Palin Sparks Milf Craze… I mean, Eyeglasses Craze!

The image of the naughty librarian has been around for ages. Despite the fact that most librarians we know who work at the library are over age 50 and look like they sit on their arse the whole day, the image of the hot, tone-bodied, cleavage-copious visual prevails. And the scenario is always the same, […]

The Color Purple

Emore went to Connecticut and all he brought us are these stupid pictures of purple clothes… J. Crew and Forever 21 Uniqlo and H&M If you haven’t noticed yet, purple is the fall color… But does that mean it’s your color?

Ralph Lauren and Indiana Jones

From Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2009 Collection HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Maybe the comparison was too obvious, but it’s crazy how much they had the specificity down. I wonder if they’ll take from any other iconic movies for future shows. Darth Vader capes anyone?

10.Deep pushes stamps. Kind of.

You might remember in my one of my earlier posts about how we’d be seeing even more plaid/flannel this season, along with an almost universal resurgence – nay, regurgitance – of M65-inspired jackets. Well 10.Deep dun went and did it. “Oh no they di’int!” Oh yes they did. Behold: Not just plaid. Not just M65. […]

Tobi Two Year Anniversary Party @ Mezzanine SF

I feel severely under-dressed.” The thought skittered through my brain as the Steel Crew rolled up to the queue that had formed outside of San Francisco’s Mezzanine. With street lamps glaring down and a warm red glow emanating from the neon signage, the rest of the crowd looked pretty damn fabulous. I guess that’s to […]

Bootsy Collins

Any time I think of a boot, I always recall this military outfit that Johnny Depp wore. As fall approaches, everyone is starting to make a shift to their fall wardrobes. Lately, there’s been a huge emphasis on boots. How do I know this? Because lately I’ve been wanting a pair. Usually, my spending habits […]

Janelle Monae featured in GQ

Have you ever seen that thing fall apart? I have, and I’ve seen it come back together again. I try not to get hipster with Janelle Monae. Meaning, I try not to hate the fact that people are starting to discover her, after 2 years it seems.

GQ Photoshops Brett Favre’s Head

So GQ has a slideshow entitled “GQ Upgrades Brett Favre.” They have an introduction where they, as if they’re actually talking to Brett, criticize the quarterback for not being sartorially prepared since he has arrived in New York. And they say they’ll show him how it’s done. One would assume that they actually took Brett […]

The Sartorialist likes Canvas Bags

Actually, I’m not sure if he likes canvas bags or not. But in the recent stream of pictures that he took for during fashion week, most of the men are holding a canvas bag or an accessory that holds their belongings. It does, to an extent, contribute to the look of the outfit. Maybe […]