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Category Archives: Celebrity

Sarah Palin Sparks Milf Craze… I mean, Eyeglasses Craze!

The image of the naughty librarian has been around for ages. Despite the fact that most librarians we know who work at the library are over age 50 and look like they sit on their arse the whole day, the image of the hot, tone-bodied, cleavage-copious visual prevails. And the scenario is always the same, […]

Andre Benjamin: Launching a menswear label is the hardest thing he’s ever done

I saw this at Business of Fashion. I don’t think I could ever get tired of news about Benjamin Bixby. A lot is riding on his success. I feel like he’s the first rapper to legitimately break into the high-end fashion world. Sean John OR Rocawear do not count, not by a long shot. But […]

The Guardian Interviews Andre Benjamin for Benjamin Bixby

Andre Benjamin talks to Simon Mills about his favorite shopping spots in London, how his outfits have evolved, and his ambitions for his fashion line, Benjamin Bixby. Hackett, the young Sloane’s outfitters, is his favourite stop-off. Benjamin spends a small fortune there and knows all the staff. “You might think that a rapper from the […]

Mad Men Wins 6 Emmys

The most fashionable show of the moment and Steel Closet favorite, Mad Men, wins 6 Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series and Best Actor, going to John Hamm. Salutes to Don Draper. What I appreciate most about Mad Men is its ability to show how fashion can speak volumes of a person, no doubt a factor […]

Emma Watson for September Vogue Italia

Here are some recent pictures that Emma Watson took for September’s Vogue Italia. I found them at, a site that I visit frequently. Haha jk. Enjoy.

GQ Photoshops Brett Favre’s Head

So GQ has a slideshow entitled “GQ Upgrades Brett Favre.” They have an introduction where they, as if they’re actually talking to Brett, criticize the quarterback for not being sartorially prepared since he has arrived in New York. And they say they’ll show him how it’s done. One would assume that they actually took Brett […]

Kirsten Dunst Interviews at Band Of Outsiders

Recent Band of Outsiders lookbook girl, Kirsten Dunst, takes charge of the interview by swiping the mic from Refinery29 TV and asking a few questions.

Andre 3000 Interviews with Esquire on Clothing Line, Benjamin Bixby

What kind of lunatic launches a luxury brand in a recession? It’s not like we planned it this way, but it actually kind of helps. The person that I’m making clothes for doesn’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else, and so our biggest advantage is that we can be exclusive. If a […]

Andre 3000 for Benjamin Bixby

Andre 3000 launches his new line at Barney’s. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. By the fact that it’s at Barney’s most likely means that it’s out of the price range. Oh well. What else isn’t affordable these days?


I guess you could say Marc Jacobs is the proverbial champion of New York Fashion Week. This is him bowing in his skort, taking in his accolades [Original at A Medium Format]