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Category Archives: Tips

Sneakers that aren’t just sneakers.

Skim through enough fashion articles and sartorial suggestion pieces and you’ll notice that there is strong encouragement to pick pieces that are timeless, to select items that are not only versatile enough to mix well with different looks but are also unique enough to stand on their own if you so choose. Needless to say, […]

The Color Purple

Emore went to Connecticut and all he brought us are these stupid pictures of purple clothes… J. Crew and Forever 21 Uniqlo and H&M If you haven’t noticed yet, purple is the fall color… But does that mean it’s your color?

Tobi Two Year Anniversary Party @ Mezzanine SF

I feel severely under-dressed.” The thought skittered through my brain as the Steel Crew rolled up to the queue that had formed outside of San Francisco’s Mezzanine. With street lamps glaring down and a warm red glow emanating from the neon signage, the rest of the crowd looked pretty damn fabulous. I guess that’s to […]

No-Budget Makeover with Jonathan

The Steel Closet presents… our No-Budget Makeover! The No-Budget Makeover features a complete transformation of our model using clothes already in their Steel Closet! No need to play catching up with the Joneses at H&M. The power is already on your hangers! What will our friend, Jonathan, wear to Iciwici’s birthday party? Do you want […]

Advice You Can Take to the Bank

I have spent the last hour or so reading the wisdom off the pages of “1001 Rules for My Unborn Son.” It’s a list of mostly one-liners that range from sartorial advice, life philosophy, practical life skills, and tips for gentleman in general. Right now the list stands at 193, but the list so far […]

Detail Oriented: Tie Bars and Tie Pins

After checking out the detail shots for Rag and Bone’s latest Spring ’09 collection in New York, I was surprised to see that they have used a detail in their runway pieces that I have personally used in my own outfits in the past: a tie bar without the tie. It does not seem functional, […]

Moisturize Your Situation, Preserve Your Sexy

[Photo by Sean John Fragrances] Nope, it’s not another spot for Proactiv. Diddy is cashing in on his strongest suit, the art of concocting fragrances (ha!). The fragrance is named “I Am King.” And the marketing is perfect for the superiority-complex-ridden demographic. His last fragrance did very well and everyone murmured about it as if […]

Casual Monday

Corporate dress code bureaucracy makes me feel funny. My office is business casual. Business casual = no jeans. Casual Friday, then, equals jeans. Because we couldn’t have Casual Friday (client interaction) last Friday, we were given a Casual Monday, today. Now, since I could never tarnish the sanctity of the Monday, I came up with […]

Levi’s 501 Shrink-To-Fit / Goodbye Summer

I’ve never paid more than $32 for a pair of jeans. I simply couldn’t afford it. Nevertheless, I’ve always managed to have jeans with a unique look and perfect fit. How? Before summer ends for you, like it is for me, I suggest you do this: Huntington Beach, CA. Buy Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit jeans in […]

LA Times on the Topic of Jeans

The LA Times image section dedicated a whole chunk of their article space to the subject of jeans. I don’t remember jeans going anywhere, but I guess that means its lasting power is reason enough to dedicate something to it. Here’s what I learned… Designers are starting to carry selvedge denim. What is selvidge denim?