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Sneakers that aren’t just sneakers.

Skim through enough fashion articles and sartorial suggestion pieces and you’ll notice that there is strong encouragement to pick pieces that are timeless, to select items that are not only versatile enough to mix well with different looks but are also unique enough to stand on their own if you so choose. Needless to say, […]

Shoes for the Occassion

Refinery 29 has just released their Shoes for Fall editions for both guys and gals. While it is advisable to not get overwhelmed by the vast selections that they provide, it is best to use the catalog as inspiration for outfit ideas rather than treat the shoes as Fall must-haves. If you spend more than […]

July 4th brings fireworks, franks…and a fourth contributor.

Let’s get one thing straight: I’ll either be over the moon for you, or hate your rotting carcass and the toddler tunnel that failed to abort you. Harsh? Nah, you’re on the INTERNET son, go fetch some cream if you’re gonna get butthurt. But I was born with a razor for a tongue, and I’ve […]